Why people prefer SUV cars?

Why people prefer SUV cars?

What is an SUV?

SUV is an a shortcut for the term (Sport Unility Vehicle) and it refers to high cars ,and mostly for wheels drive cars.

Many people prefer four-wheel drive cars (SUV) or (Cross Over) cars, especially in the regions of the Middle East and the Arab Gulf, for many reasons, including:

1- SUVs are preferred because of the rough roads in Dubai and UAE

in the Middle East and the Arabian Gulf there are many desert roads (as in the Arab Gulf countries such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia). In the rest of the countries there are many muddy roads, There are also many hills and mountains, and this type of car is considered the best for all of these roads.

2- Safety:

​Many prefer high cars because of their height, as they give more safety to passengers, especially in the back seats, and this is in countries where highways are abundant, as we find in the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia as well.

3- Families and Mothers:

Many families and mothers prefer to buy, take off, or use a four-wheel drive or (Cross Over), especially in the case of two or more children, to protect children while moving on the highways, as it provides larger spaces for the acquisition of belongings. Children include strollers, bags, and so on.

4- Desert trips and dune bashing:

It is one of the types of hobbies that abound in the United Arab Emirates in particular, and this hobby is driving high-speed four-wheel drive cars on sandy hills and desert roads, and it is a show hobby that abounds among young men and it is one of the activities that tourists should try. 
The reasons above are the most important reasons that residents of the United Arab Emirates in particular (and the Arab Gulf states and the Middle East in general) take into account when buying or renting a car in the near or long term.
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