Mercedes Benz G63 Night Package

Daily rental price
1575 AED (INC VAT)
Weekly rental price
10290 AED (INC VAT)
Insurance value
2000 AED
Allowed mileage
250 KM

Looking to turn heads while cruising around Dubai? Then rent a Mercedes g63 from GT Sport Luxury Car Rental Dubai. The G63 is one of the most popular models in our fleet, and it's easy to see why. With its sleek design and powerful engine, the G63 is sure to make a statement. Plus, with our competitive rates, renting a Mercedes 63 is more affordable than you might think. So don't wait any longer, book your G63 rental today!

Engine: 4.0L Twin Turbo

Hourse Power: 416

Seaters: 5

Automatic 9 speed Gearbox

All-Wheel-Drive system (4Matic)


GT Sport luxury Car Rental is the Dubai's No. ONE source to Rent an Exclusive Mercedes G63 AMG in Dubai. Our Selection Of Mercedes G63 AMG lands on NIGHT Package, Full Option, We guarantee a splendid experience of driving a Mercedes G63 AMG Night Package in Dubai at just the right price! 

Why Mercedes Benz G63?

The Mercedes G63 AMG is a sublime and beautiful, full- size sports vehicle SUV. Mercedes benz G Class models are the perfect combination of a Luxury, Sport & Comfort, as Mercedes G63 or G wagon is a presidential car, many people look forward to drive it, as it offer a luxurious and comfortable feel.

Choosing a Mercedes G Wagon promises a perfect experience for both the motorist and the passengers on the aft seat. 

Mercedes benz G63 for rent in Dubai 

Renting a Mercedes G63 With GT Sport Luxury Car Rental offers you a great prices for you, as well as offering a delivery, Road side assistance, and car replacement for cases of unsatisfaction. 
Which Colors of Mercedes Benz G63s are available for rent ?
GT Sport Luxry Car Rental Offers 3 Mercedes G63 For rent, in 2 in Black, and one in White, all cars have unique plate numbers to add more luxury to your drive. 

What's the rental rate of a Mercedes G63 in Dubai? 

Our Fleet of Mercdes G63 AMG is averaged around 2,100 AED per day, the price varies based on availablity, Booking duration, and season. BUT Do not hesitate to contact and ask for a special price for you. 

Check Out The white Mercedes G63 HERE

Requirements of Renting Mercedes G63 HERE


Frequently asked questions

Why to Rent Mercedes G63 in Dubai?

Mercedes G63 or G Wagon is known in the UAE as the car of the Riches, rich people in the UAE drive mercedes G63 as it is a strong powerful, and luxurious car that you can drive in Dubai, and all UAE, Renting Mercedes G63 gives you the feel of Luxuy with a unique, one of a kind design, powerful engine, and spacious interior.

What Serive do you provide at GT Sport Luxury Car Rental?

GT Sport Luxury Car rental offers free delivery of any selected car, to airport, hotel, or any selected Location,

Free pick up the car after the end of duration, also at your preferred location.

What is the rental rate of a Mercedes G63 in Dubai?

Our rates at GT Sport Luxury Car rental vary according to Season, Model, Availability, and Rental Duration, the average daily rental price for our collection of Mercedes G63 is around AED 2,000, Mercedes G63 with higher options and more specs, are more expensive for rent, and also, the duration or rental.

What is the minimum age to rent a luxury car in Dubai?

For normal cars, the age to rent a car in 19 years old, Luxury cars age vary from 21 years old to 22 years old depending on the company, it varies based on the insurance coverage, and the insurance amount also varies based on the age. 

Is Salik paid by the rentee or the car rental company? 

The rentee pays teh salik charges, the amount will be deducted from the deposit you pay while renting the car,

What happens if i exceed the daily mileage limit?

in GT Sport Luxury car rental, the mileage is 250 KM per day, if for any case it was exceeded, an additional charges will apply. 

How long it will take to get the deposit back?

If the deposit is paid by Credit card, it will take from 20 to 30 days (depending on the bank)

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