How much is Rent a Car in Dubai

How much is Rent a Car in Dubai

Rent a car in Dubai has pricing that Varies, where you can get cheap car deals from AED 40 per Day, and Luxury car rental up to AED 20,000 and that depends on many factors, that we will list some of them below: 

1- the type of car needed, renting an economic car is cheaper than SUVs, Luxury or Sport car, and also depends on the size of the car and the engine size, Rent a car companies usually consider the maintenance and the insurance to calculate the Rent Price, for example, renting Kia Picanto is cheaper than renting Kia Sportage, but Kia Sportage is cheaper to rent than Kia Telluride. 

2- the category of the vehicle given for hire: Economy car rental, Sports car rental, Luxury car rental , Luxury Sport car rental, each category has average market price, where some Luxury SUV cars reach up to AED 7,000 Per Day.

3- Mileage: your car rental company should inform you about the limited daily milage you can drive, if they did not mention it, make sure if it is unlimted or free of charge, because Car rental companies add charges on extra driven milage by the customers. 

4- Area: if the Car rental company is in your Emirate or Location, they can deliver it for free. some Car rental companies charge extra fro transporting the car to other Emirates or locations, that might add up to they total rent you are paying. 

5- Insurance money: cheap car rental daily is the actual price of the car, there will be insurance amount for in case of fines, or damages that might add up to the rent money, that to be considered too. 

some other factors would be competition, market pricing, seasons, and high demand too, you can always contact us to know more about the pricing and offers, or you can whatsapp us on +971 50 694 888 1 

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