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BMW X6 M50 MPower

Daily rental price
Weekly rental price
4545 AED (INC VAT)
Insurance value
2000 AED
Allowed mileage
250 KM

BMW X6 M Power For Rent in Dubai

Engine: V8

Hourse Power: 445 hp

Transmission: Automatic 

Seaters: 5 

Rent and drive the stylish and representable BMW X6 with a unique M Power Kit, feel the power of the german engineering when driving the BMW X6. 

GT Sport Luxury Car Rental in Dubai offers you the chance to rent and drive BMW X6 with M-power kit to enjoy the feel of power when driving the german beast.

To see car rental guide: https://www.gtsportcarrental.com/Services/9/En

Requirements to Rent this Car:  https://www.gtsportcarrental.com/Services/9/En


Frequently asked questions

What is the minimum age to rent a luxury car in Dubai?

For normal cars, the age to rent a car in 19 years old, Luxury cars age vary from 21 years old to 22 years old depending on the company, it varies based on the insurance coverage, and the insurance amount also varies based on the age. 

Is Salik paid by the rentee or the car rental company? 

The rentee pays teh salik charges, the amount will be deducted from the deposit you pay while renting the car,

What happens if i exceed the daily mileage limit?

in GT Sport Luxury car rental, the mileage is 250 KM per day, if for any case it was exceeded, an additional charges will apply. 

How long it will take to get the deposit back?

If the deposit is paid by Credit card, it will take from 20 to 30 days (depending on the bank)