Best Places to Visit In Dubai

Best Places to Visit In Dubai
Dubai is known to be one of the best tourist areas around the world. It is a tourist, economic, and recreational destination. It is also famous for its skyscrapers, towers, artificial islands, and others. There are a number of favorite areas for tourists, and residents of Dubai we would like to mention:
1- Burj Khalifa: The most famous tourist destination around the world, the tallest building to this day. The Burj Khalifa contains apartments, offices, and there is (the top of the Burj Khalifa) where you can witness the grandeur of Dubai with its streets and towers.
2- City Walk: The most beautiful place for shopping and enjoying the atmosphere of the city, where City Walk contains an outdoor shopping center that contains many international brands, and famous cafes.
3- La Mer Beach: The newest beach in Dubai, with many restaurants, cafes, and children's play parks, La Mer Beach is also characterized by attractive and juicy graphics on the walls of shops, and hanging lights.
4- Jumeirah Beach Road (JBR): It contains hotels, restaurants on a sidewalk opposite the seashore, an outdoor shopping center and an outdoor cinema as well. Many residents and tourists of Dubai prefer to visit Jumeirah Beach Street in the evening every day. Especially on the weekend.